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Friday Kickstarter Recap #3

Been really damn busy the last week, followed by two days of illness, so many apologies for the delays in updates. Let’s do a weekly recap!

In other news, I’ve gotten the Playtest Packs mostly assembled. I’ve gotta put some finishing touches on them, which I hope to do this weekend. Converting my own digital shorthand to a format understandable by my fellow human has been amusing at times, to say the least.

And to the lone biker I saw this morning on my commute, I apologize for not waving back. My hand was frozen to the handlebar! Next time, I promise!

That’s all for now. Keep the Rubber Side Down, friends!


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Friday Kickstarter Re-Cap #2

The big news: This week we hit the funding mark! Yay! That’s a lot off my shoulders, for sure. Thanks, everyone! Now, to hammer down those stretch goals.

This week saw the start of a new Dueling Lessons series of mechanics posts, to introduce readers to the essence of the game’s core crunch. I’ve got two up already, and am hoping to get a third out today or tomorrow.

Some project updates of note this week:

In other news…

  • I had a fun time interviewing on the Geeky and Genki podcast. It will hopefully be released in the next week or two.
  • Coming all the way from France, a blogger at has a quick shout-out.
  • Motobushido was featured at a recent installment of our local “Ready Set Game” event here in Portland this week. The game was a lot of fun (I reviewed it a couple of days ago, and we’ll be playing again in two weeks.

And as a taste of things to come, next week I’m going to be adding tshirts, and a special new cross-promotion.

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Highlights from the Motobushi Photoshoot

A while back my pal Dustin Eppers took some photos of me as a motobushi, astride my own lovely bike Loretta. Aaron Clark (PAX Enforcer extraordinaire) loaned us the armor, and I think him heartily for the kindness.

This one with the train would definitely be my favorite, and there’s a story behind it. When we started taking all the photos, the tracks nearby were totally clear. Mid-way through the shoot, the sounds of bells and a train were pretty obvious, and this big machine comes rolling on along – and it was rolling fast. I’m not versed on rail laws as they pertain to in-city motion, but this guy was definitely hauling ass. I turned, struck a quick pose, and Dusty grabbed a perfect shot of it.

And I’ll close it all with one final fun shot, to represent Aaron’s favorite team:


EDIT: Ah, WordPress, I see you added it to the gallery too. Uh, thanks?

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Friday Kickstarter Re-Cap #1

During the course of this Kickstarter, I’m going to be posting a lot of daily updates on the project. Instead of re-post every single one here, I’m going to be doing weekly re-cap posts here every Friday. Let’s kick it off!

Got some links Rick passed to me of various folks posting about the game:

This week, the following major updates went live on the Project Page:

And a brand new Teaser Trailer!

As a final note, I have to say that I find the number of advertising wolves on Kickstarter to be appalling. I’ve been contacted by five hawks in less than four days of being live. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, so shamelessly profiteering off of someone else’s creative hopes.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ve got some posts lined up on the subjects of Dueling 101, Full Pack Warfare Strategies, new exclusive Paths, tales from a Galaxy in another place and time, and more. Enjoy your weekend!

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Special Off-Site Rewards for the Motobushido Kickstarter!

In just a handful of hours, the Motobushido Kickstarter will be going live. In addition to those rewards offered on the project page, I’ve got some super ultra-special incentives to offer here, direct from me to you. I’ve been super-fortunate enough to have recently connected with the skilled bladesmith, Joe Walters. He has agreed to come out of his hermitage for a very short time to offer a small array of very special reward incentives to tie in with this project. Each of these also includes the super-limited, Kickstart-only ultimate edition of the game, when it is released, and the shoulder patch! All are hand-forged after the order is placed, and the swords themselves are one of a kind.

Important Note: delivery of completed swords will contractually be 12 – 14 months from receipt of pledge. These are, again, hand-forged just for you, so allow some time for art to be created.

The Kiridashi:

For $130: “The Outlaw” – You will receive a hand-forged, traditionally styled kiridashi (“boot knife”) made from premium W-1 tool steel, housed in a kydex sheath.

Click here to see an album of images of the brand new prototype kiridashi!

The Sword of the Highway:

For $5000: “The Trailblazer” – You will receive the completely unique Sword of the Highway forged by Joe Walters, the rugged blade of a true motobushi, forged from motorcycle chain with traditional katana geometry, and mounted in blackened iron, aged copper, and linen tsukaito. This blade will exhibit an exciting non-traditional hada – however, to heat treat the steel to its utmost potential, this blade will not have a hamon.

The Sword of the Warrior:

For $6000: “The Enforcer” – You will receive the completely unique Sword of the Warrior forged by Joe Walters, a subdued elegant piece with devastating Nanbokucho – period geometry designed for strength and efficiency. This blade is forged from AISI 1078 steel with a no-nonsense Soshu-style notare hamon and no hada. This blade will be mounted in wrought iron, copper, and leather tsukaito.

The Sword of the Leader:

For $8000: “The Shogun” – You will receive the completely unique Sword of the Leader forged by Joe Walters, the most beautiful blade of them all – forged from 3000+ layers of W2 and AISI 1060 with a choji-hitatsura hamon and Bizen geometry. Mounts will be made from silver, mokume-gane, samé, and wrapped in silk jabaraito.


If you want to jump on the chance to get one of these exclusive items, let’s talk.

About Joe:

Joe Walters began forging and developing high performance Japanese-style blades over 16 years ago. His methodology involves researching and adapting proven heat treatment practices to the best modern steels, combining the sought-after aesthetics and geometry of traditional Japanese blades and the performance that modern metallurgy allows. Walters briefly offered blades to collectors and martial artists during the late 90’s/early 00’s, but left the ‘sword scene’, to focus on craftsmanship and art without the hindrance of business politics. He enjoys a reclusive lifestyle and does not offer Japanese-style blades to the public. All blades offered for our project are exclusives, contributed with the intention of exposing Backers to the art of the Japanese blade and furthering the craft.

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Actual Play from the Latest Playtest Session

A player in my current test-run group has been awesome enough to post an AP run-down of our last game session. I’m really excited about this particular test run, because now we’re getting to try something totally new. Until now, the games have all been focused upon the Pack as a wandering unit, always on the go, never staying in one place for longer than a session or two. As chance would have it, this time around the Pack has a home base, and will follow a more traditional “Lord and Vassals” setup.

“There’s not so much a world or background as there is a framework on which to hang your own world/background as you create it with your group, which is awesome, and the flavour of the stories in question is quite well defined while also being open enough to tell whatever you want to tell. It’s clear from the text (and the creator) that this concept is heavily influenced by the Samurai, but with very little tweaking I can already see Arthurian hacks, Wild West hacks, The Wild One hacks… basically, if it involves a group of men and their steeds doing great and/or dastardly deeds, this would fit amazingly well.”

Read the rest of his post here.

If anyone out there is interested in running their own playtests, let me know! I’m hoping to have the external playtest document available sometime around mid-November, and those who back the Kickstarter project will have first access!

Thanks Jerome!

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