Special Off-Site Rewards for the Motobushido Kickstarter!

Special Off-Site Rewards for the Motobushido Kickstarter!

In just a handful of hours, the Motobushido Kickstarter will be going live. In addition to those rewards offered on the project page, I’ve got some super ultra-special incentives to offer here, direct from me to you. I’ve been super-fortunate enough to have recently connected with the skilled bladesmith, Joe Walters. He has agreed to come out of his hermitage for a very short time to offer a small array of very special reward incentives to tie in with this project. Each of these also includes the super-limited, Kickstart-only ultimate edition of the game, when it is released, and the shoulder patch! All are hand-forged after the order is placed, and the swords themselves are one of a kind.

Important Note: delivery of completed swords will contractually be 12 – 14 months from receipt of pledge. These are, again, hand-forged just for you, so allow some time for art to be created.

The Kiridashi:

For $130: “The Outlaw” – You will receive a hand-forged, traditionally styled kiridashi (“boot knife”) made from premium W-1 tool steel, housed in a kydex sheath.

Click here to see an album of images of the brand new prototype kiridashi!

The Sword of the Highway:

For $5000: “The Trailblazer” – You will receive the completely unique Sword of the Highway forged by Joe Walters, the rugged blade of a true motobushi, forged from motorcycle chain with traditional katana geometry, and mounted in blackened iron, aged copper, and linen tsukaito. This blade will exhibit an exciting non-traditional hada – however, to heat treat the steel to its utmost potential, this blade will not have a hamon.

The Sword of the Warrior:

For $6000: “The Enforcer” – You will receive the completely unique Sword of the Warrior forged by Joe Walters, a subdued elegant piece with devastating Nanbokucho – period geometry designed for strength and efficiency. This blade is forged from AISI 1078 steel with a no-nonsense Soshu-style notare hamon and no hada. This blade will be mounted in wrought iron, copper, and leather tsukaito.

The Sword of the Leader:

For $8000: “The Shogun” – You will receive the completely unique Sword of the Leader forged by Joe Walters, the most beautiful blade of them all – forged from 3000+ layers of W2 and AISI 1060 with a choji-hitatsura hamon and Bizen geometry. Mounts will be made from silver, mokume-gane, samé, and wrapped in silk jabaraito.


If you want to jump on the chance to get one of these exclusive items, let’s talk.

About Joe:

Joe Walters began forging and developing high performance Japanese-style blades over 16 years ago. His methodology involves researching and adapting proven heat treatment practices to the best modern steels, combining the sought-after aesthetics and geometry of traditional Japanese blades and the performance that modern metallurgy allows. Walters briefly offered blades to collectors and martial artists during the late 90’s/early 00’s, but left the ‘sword scene’, to focus on craftsmanship and art without the hindrance of business politics. He enjoys a reclusive lifestyle and does not offer Japanese-style blades to the public. All blades offered for our project are exclusives, contributed with the intention of exposing Backers to the art of the Japanese blade and furthering the craft.

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