Actual Play from the Latest Playtest Session

Actual Play from the Latest Playtest Session

A player in my current test-run group has been awesome enough to post an AP run-down of our last game session. I’m really excited about this particular test run, because now we’re getting to try something totally new. Until now, the games have all been focused upon the Pack as a wandering unit, always on the go, never staying in one place for longer than a session or two. As chance would have it, this time around the Pack has a home base, and will follow a more traditional “Lord and Vassals” setup.

“There’s not so much a world or background as there is a framework on which to hang your own world/background as you create it with your group, which is awesome, and the flavour of the stories in question is quite well defined while also being open enough to tell whatever you want to tell. It’s clear from the text (and the creator) that this concept is heavily influenced by the Samurai, but with very little tweaking I can already see Arthurian hacks, Wild West hacks, The Wild One hacks… basically, if it involves a group of men and their steeds doing great and/or dastardly deeds, this would fit amazingly well.”

Read the rest of his post here.

If anyone out there is interested in running their own playtests, let me know! I’m hoping to have the external playtest document available sometime around mid-November, and those who back the Kickstarter project will have first access!

Thanks Jerome!

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