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Friday Excitement 2016-05-27

It’s been a ridiculously slow and busy week for me at the real job, and I haven’t had time to really dig into much personal excitement aside from one particularly big piece of news: Gattaibushido is coming along quite nicely! At least the first playtest draft, that is. I’m still aiming for a release date on June 9th, although if things keep moving along like they have been, I could even have it out the weekend before. As previously mentioned, I’ve pushed out another update to the Cannibal Contagion markdown conversion over on GitHub, but I think I’ll be putting the rest of that on hold until I have finished the current work on the GB playtest.

Really that’s all I got today. Not much variety, but it’s a big one for me. Full steam ahead!

And to close things off, how about a preview of things to come?

Rope jump_05_

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Cannibal Contagion GitHub Update: Survivors

I’ve completed conversion of the first big section of the Cannibal Contagion game rules, and pushed them out to GitHub. This is taking longer than I expected, especially given my greater focus on the gattai project. But it’s steadily getting churned out, and I hope to have the Markdown-converted book finally out in full by the end of May.

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Friday Excitement 2016-05-20

This week was crazy busy for me, so I didn’t get time to write up any posts at all, but dammit I’m at least going to get these Friday posts out if at all humanly possible.

I spent the better part of my week wrapping my brain around the Code Manager component of the Puppet software. I’ve been giving my home master a complete makeover, and I figure it’s about damn time I figure out the deeper workings of some of our newest product features. Of course, since I’m also in the process of getting acquainted with Git as a first-time user, I’ve faced a number of hurdles, but I am happy that I’m making solid progress with the advancement of my understanding. Yay for learning through functional use case.

My partner and I have been trying to inject a lot more physical activity into our daily lives, culminating with a regular long hike on the weekends. A friend of mine linked me to this awesome article detailing a number of good local hikes I never knew about. I regret that I’m not nearly as much of a spontaneous explorer as I was in my youth, and I’m looking forward to getting back out into nature and marking more trails under my completed list.

I’m almost fully caught up with the Gaming & BS podcast, having mainlined it almost daily for a few months now. I started at the beginning (because that’s what you do), and am happy to finally be getting close to a bit of active relevance with their current event news. I’ve added a bunch more to my podcast app, but am not fully sure which new one to start on once I’m all caught up. Maybe I’ll spend some time catching up on the Drabblecast again? Any suggestions?

The conversion of game stuff to Git repos is coming along slowly, but surely. I’m still putting together a larger process-based post, but for now I just gotta say that making this switch to git-based version control has pretty much revolutionized my game design work flow. I’m kicking myself for not having been doing this for years already. I was also expecting more resistance upon switching from MS Word to open Markdown, but really there wasn’t any at all. It’s fresh and wonderful and I’m really stoked to be producing solid content again. Hopefully I’ll have some big updates on Gattaibushido next week!

Finally, this weekend is game night. We haven’t met in a while now, and I’ve been jonesing for more. The current flavor is Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, which has quickly become my favorite flavor of D&D to date. I’ve always been a sucker for the core mechanics of the OSR, and the beautiful form and the depth of story in this one have really captured my heart. We’ve had one session already, and I left that game night filled with a swell of hopeful inspiration that I hadn’t felt in some time. It feels good to be gaming again with a system that really makes my heart reach out for more.

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Friday Excitement 2016-05-13

With this post I’m bringing back an old positivity exercise I used to practice, with the hope of using it as an ongoing tool for inspiration. So let’s talk about some things that I’m currently excited about!

First off, I’ll be spending this weekend at the third annual occurrence of the PDXAGE (Portland Analog Gaming Event) convention. PDXAGE is the newest convention-style event here in the Portland metro area, and is growing every year. While it’s mostly board-and-card game focused, there’s a growing RPG section and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’ll have a few of our CelStyle games with me to demo, as well as a fresh printed copy of Beyond the Wall for anyone interested in a pickup game. I’m really excited to see more gaming cons taking root in this city, so come check it out this weekend!

Speaking of CelStyle, the old website for our anime-inspired design collective either got hacked or got swiped, I’m not entirely sure of the details. I’m not excited about that at all, but I am pretty excited about taking the old site and starting something new. Look forward to a new site, a new domain, and a renewed stream of content in the coming weeks and more. Read more

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Cannibal Contagion and Motobushido are coming to GitHub very soon!

When I finally started working on converting these two titles, it was initially quite daunting for the simple fact that all of my more recent edits to the text had been done directly in the InDesign files post-publishing. The initial design documents (written in MS Word) were long since abandoned after the text and image placements had been finalized. And converting from either the .indd or final .pdf files seemed to be impossible… at first.

Thankfully, a nifty combination of cross-tool conversions finally made the process significantly easier for me. The flow was: Indesign -> Export as Epub -> Open in Calibre -> Convert to Docx -> Open in Pandoc -> Convert to Markdown. The end result was a significantly easier to work with .md conversion, with close to 75% of the work already done for me (as opposed to about 20% or so when converted to HTML or XML instead). There’s still a good backlog of search-and-replace jobs needing to be finished, but the docs are coming along a whole lot quicker than I had forecast. Anyway, I’m still working on them, one at a time. Cannibal Contagion will come first, followed by Motobushido. And who knows, maybe I’ll put up some of the updated revised texts too, once this all gets completed.

For now, I’ve at least got Part 1 of Cannibal Contagion live in the ‘hub. The remainder is still in the works, but coming along nicely.

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KnownWorld RPG is also now added to GitHub

Following the trail laid out by yesterday’s post, I’ve gone and pushed out the KnownWorld rules to GitHub as well. This was a Palladium Fantasy 1st Ed rules hack that I developed, to try and get some more use out of a set of well-loved books that still grace my shelf. That game world will always be one of my favorites, but ye gods I just can’t handle that system for more than an hour. Anyway we played with these house rules for a few sessions before the game fell apart, and while they’re not perfect, they were a lot of fun and helped us breathe new life into a beloved older setting.

So if you have the Palladium Fantasy 1E book handy (you absolutely need it to play – if you don’t have it, you can buy it here), then check out that repo and read over the rules. And feel free to offer suggestions for improvement. And don’t forget, there’s still Eight Days Left on the Savage RIFTS Kickstarter!

Next up: Cannibal Contagion!

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