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Copy.com – Yet One More Sync App Added to my Craplist

My ongoing battle with reprehensible file-sync applications continues. One more is now added to my “Big No” List: Copy.com. The problem: I can’t launch their app on my main machine as it has been “blocked by an administrator” – and yet I _am_ the administrator*. Googling the error has led me far and wide, and none of the solutions so far have worked (registry edits, permissions resets, UAC modification). I can uninstall, reboot, and reinstall, and then launch the app, but if I reboot again, I once more can not launch the app. “Blocked by administrator” once more.

So I wrote to their support (they are yet one more software company that lacks phone support of any kind). The first guy said “uninstall, reinstall, try again” and then never ever followed up to my responses. A week later, no response, so I file a new ticket, with the same issue. The response, and I quote:

Sorry to hear you are having trouble launching the copy agent. For liability reasons, we cannot advise you how to configure your operating system, which is where this issue is arising from.

Best regards
James Brown
Copy Technical Support

When asked about the vagueness of his response, his follow-up was:


This seems to definitely be an issue with the operating system. Unfortunately we are unable to support configuration of your operating system. Our desk only supports copy related issues.

Best regards
James Brown
Copy Technical Support

That’s it. No suggestions, no recommendations, no attempts to assist the customer in any way. In other words:

“We are unskilled, underpaid marmots who could not care less about your issue, and lack any technical expertise to resolve your issue should we even really want to. Not my problem, bro, go away.

Best Regards
Untrained Marmot
Copy Support.”

Well. Goodbye, Copy. It’s obvious that you don’t want my money. You, like Dropbox, can go diddle yourselves.

*I eventually resolved the error after a lengthy crash course in the win8 group policy configurations, for the record.

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HAMMERCRAWL! Part 2: Game Structure

The first post laid out the tools of the game, now this one sets down the adventure flow, with specific focus on the meta-game that the DM commands.


The characters’ main purpose is to venture out into the depths of a dungeon, kill monsters and gain loot, and then make it back to the surface alive in order to enjoy the primary benefit of those rewards: Experience! The longer they stay on a run, and the deeper into the dungeon they go, the greater the reward, and the darker the dangers. Read more

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HAMMERCRAWL! Roguelike Random OSR Gaming, Part 1: Tools

(This post has turned into something much larger than expected, so I’m breaking it up into multiple posts)

Last year at Gamestorm 2014, a few conversations on “roguelike” gaming experiences led me to come up with an on-the-fly method for character-grinding adventure gaming. With but a single simple Chessex d12 Dungeon Die, a handful of those custom Warhammer Fantasy Third Edition RPG dice, a Swords & Wizardry monster book, and a stack of random characters from Save vs Total Party Kill, we had a rip-roaring time plunging into unknown dungeons (and looting the bodies of fallen compatriots after every battle).

From this was born HAMMERCRAWL! – my nickname for this evolving method of using collated existing tools for immediate, “procedurally-generated” roguelike tabletop dungeon crawling. The idea is to have everything I need to run such a game on-hand in the size of a custom GM screen, or less. This year, I want to give HAMMERCRAWL! a second go at the coming Gamestorm 2015, and hopefully get things into a more well-oiled machine than the previous attempts. To assist with this, I’m keeping notes here on the various pieces and how they fit together.

First off, things that HAMMERCRAWL! is not:

  • HAMMERCRAWL! is not core game mechanic: It uses old-school D&D/retroclone rules – pick one of your choice, there are plenty!
  • HAMMERCRAWL! is not a system for generating story: If you want Story, you’ll have to add that part yourself.
  • HAMMERCRAWL! is not a method for campaign gaming: The various tools here are collected for the primary purpose of one-shot gaming; long-term use of HAMMERCRAWL! might not be fun, unless you and your group are exceptionally masochistic.

Instead, HAMMERCRAWL! is a system for randomly generating the “bottom line” elements of a dungeon crawl: Characters, Dungeon Rooms, Traps, Monsters, and Treasure. And it’s certainly not for everyone, especially those who want a more stable, fleshed-out gaming experience that lasts more than a single pick-up or con-game session. Read more

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An awesome write-up on a Motobushido game!

I rarely ever post here anymore these days (G+ is my current platform of choice for most blogging), but I feel the need to share this one. It’s a great write-up on the Motobushido game, from a recent convention in California. Rubber side down, mate!

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New Motobushido Pack Record Sheet

I’ve had multiple people ask about an official “Pack Record Sheet,” and even had a couple of folks submit some ideas of their own. In the end, I went with the basic layout that fellow motobushi Richard designed, and had our resident Sheet & Logo man Jeremy Kostiew whip up something cool. Check it out!

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Motobushido Actual Play: The Fallen Legion

I started a new Obsidian Portal campaign to chronicle all of my current and future Motobushido sessions. These will include my home games, guest games, convention one-shots, and more. I’m kicking this off with a detailed Actual Play report of last night’s session. Check out the link, and look through the other stuff to get a taste of how the game works, and where the pages are going.

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Motobushido is Now Available for Purchase

You can now get all versions of the Motobushido role-playing game, ordered either digital or POD direct-shipped from Drive Thru RPG. Check out the details here. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this product to reality!

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You can now get Motobushido in PDF

Hey check that out! The digital version is here. Print versions are still being finalized, but I’m hoping to have them ready soon.

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The Cards Kickstarter Page is Live!

Hey everyone! I’ve just launched the new Kickstarter project page, this time for the companion deck of cards. Check it out!

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Collecting Feedback for Custom Card Deck Suits

Hey folks! for the next few days I’ll be collecting feedback for custom card deck suits. The plan is to Kickstart a deck of cards that can be used as a companion piece for playing Motobushido. The decks will have multiple artists, each doing a different suit, and if enough interest is raised there could very well be multiple decks with new suits. If interested, please answer the single question over at Survey Monkey. Thanks!

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