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I’m an Evil King in the Vow of Honor RPG

I’m way behind on posting a link to this (because again, I keep forgetting that I even have this site these days). A while back I backed the creation of a wonderful role-playing game from Sigil Stone, called Vow of Honor. It intrigued me as it really focused on the core of what I felt being a “good” character should play like in a tabletop game. In a sea of mostly-amoral gray-shaded games, it read like a breath of fresh air. As a firm believer that Lawful Good is the best of all alignments, I was hooked, and I ended up backing at a high enough level to get my own character portrait right there in the book.

And of course, being me, I had to have a villainous portrayal. Hey, I love me some LG, but I also equally love a well-done villain! Read More »

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HAMMERCRAWL! is now a full game!

It’s been a long while coming, but I’m pleased to finally announce that after much tooling around and growing dissatisfaction with games that I’ve played this process with, HAMMERCRAWL! is now being developed as a complete new game from the ground up. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, HAMMERCRAWL! started as my own home-brew method of running “classic” style D&D-based tournament pick-up games with 100% randomly-generated components. I originally meant for it to be a “method” applied to existing games, but none of the games I played quite satisfied my needs for this experiment. I got tired of shoe-horning the current popular games of the “scene” into the process, and just decided to approach the whole thing from a fresh perspective. Read More »

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Ride the SAVAGE Motorcycle-Samurai Highway!

Hello fellow Savages! A number of you have been routed this way from the Pinnacle Website, and I want to introduce myself and the new game. I’m N. Phillip Cole, creator of Motobushido, the Motorcycle-Samurai Roleplaying game. Back in 2014 I had the pleasure of sitting with Shane Hensley on a design panel at a local convention here in Portland, OR, where he was attending as one of our guests of honor. I managed to fanboyishly slip a copy of my original Motobushido game book into his hands, and shortly after he approached me about the possibility of writing a brand new Savage Worlds version of that game. Cue my head exploding of awesome! Read More »

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Savage Worlds Motobushido is Officially Seeking Playtesters!

(I posted this earlier today directly to the original Kickstarter page, but with an official announcement pending I am putting this post up as an official rally point.)

Hello folks! So a while back, I got contracted to write a Savage Worlds version of Motobushido for Pinnacle. To make a long story short, that version (three books!) is now completely written, back under my domain and direction as a licensed Savage Worlds release, and is being geared up for an actual public release. Read More »

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