Cannibal Contagion

Cannibal Contagion

A Comedic Survival Horror RPG

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Cannibal Contagion is a game of mental stress and violent survival against hordes of supernatural cannibals. The players use high-stakes playing-card battles to determine the outcomes of their actions, with a heavy focus on pure primal narrative and totally badass action. These pages contain a complete role-playing game, with rules detailing character creation, mechanics for resolution of mass-character conflicts, methods for generating your own custom Contagion effects, guides and advice on how to set up and run games, examples of rules in play, and a slew of quick-draw tables to help you jump right in and play without a moment’s notice. Read these rules, grab your friends and a deck of playing cards, and get ready for some zombie-murdering comedic survival horror adventures.

What makes Cannibal Contagion Different?

In Cannibal Contagion, the mechanics are built entirely around the concept of survival against the dangers of a mind-controlling enemy. Zombies are of course one of the most popular versions of that danger, but aliens, parasites, spirits, vampires, wendigo, and fundamentalist religious cults could all be effectively handled with the exact same approach: mechanics which could very quickly turn You into one of Them. How are Body Snatchers, Zombies, and Possessing Spirits really all that different? In this game, the abstract Infection rules are incorporated tightly into the core system, making the true threat of the Undead – that you might become one of them – part of almost every action the characters take.


Geek in the City says: “With hyper action and frantic role-playing, Cannibal Contagion is the perfect game for the player that just wants to have some balls out undead fun.”

Lev Lafayette says: “Cannibal Contagion is an enjoyable game that stays true to the design goals… It is firmly located in the beer-and-pretzels one-off genre of games and should be seen in that perspective, which it achieves admirably.”


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How to Get it?

Currently Cannibal Contagion is only available in digital format. The absolute easiest method to get it is to just go for the 100% GitHub version, right here. If you want to kick me a buck for it, just use the purchase button below instead. And if you feel the need to add the pay-what-you-want version to your DriveThruRPG library, click here instead.