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Gattaibushido:FUSION Pre-Order Special!

Want to back the game and get cool stuff, but you missed the original Kickstarter funding run for Gattaibushido? Here are some post-KS options for you!

Motobushido RPG

A dueling-focused narrative-action tabletop role-playing game about brotherhood, sacrifice, and death.

Motobushido “Long Tour” Expansion Pack

The Long Tour: A 15-page expansion Set for Motobushido, adding new Roles, Signs, Styles, and Bikes (originally unlocked via the successful Kickstarter campaign).

Cannibal Contagion RPG

Cannibal Contagion: A “Comedic Survival Horror” Roleplaying Game inspired by Zombieland, Resident Evil, Død snø, and other irreverent horror romps.