Motobushido “Long Tour” Expansion Pack

Motobushido “Long Tour” Expansion Pack


This special 15-page expansion contains all the original expanded stretch goal additions to the core game, unlocked via the overly successful Kickstarter campaign. Once only attainable by personally asking me, I’ve decided to add them here for anyone else who wishes to add a few more options to their game.

Included within are:

  • Three new character Roles: the Chaplain, the Nomad, and the Man in Black
  • Three new Fighting Styles: Outlaw Style, the War Club, and the Guitar
  • Three new “Bikes”: the Quad, the Horse, and the Sidecar Bike
  • A special unique all-in-one character option: Bronson, the Dog!
  • New artwork from Rick Marcks!

Additionally, as an added bonus I’ve included the former exclusive cross-project promotional mini-expansions! These include:

  • The Lady in Yellow Promo Pack: adds a new revenge-focused “Joketsu” role, a new Birth Sign, a new Flying Guillotine fighting style, and a new “Monkey Foot” Bike option. Originally a cross-promo for Tracey Barnett’s One Shot RPG. Includes new art from Rick Marcks.
  • The Speaker at the Crossroads Promo Pack: Adds a new Birth Sign, and a new “Goh rae ja” Role option. Originally a cross-promo for Kyle Simons’ Magicians RPG. Includes art from Tomas Overbai.
  • The Medusa Scooter Promo Pack: adds the Scooter as a Bike option! Originally a cross-promo for Jake Richmond’s Modest Medusa webcomic. Includes art from Jake Richmond.