About NPC and Alliterated Games

About NPC and Alliterated Games

Best Friends Forever

Welcome to my humble gaming-related website. I’m an avid gamer and designer, a motorcycle enthusiast, a published game designer, a former drag queen, and a rather active local podcaster. I love puppies and breakfast so much that I started a podcasting company named after them, too. I’ve published a few things, dabble on countless others, and do freelance editing and consultation on the side for both cash and trade.

I firmly believe that system most definitely matters.

I spend an insane amount of time on Google Plus, mostly talking about gaming, software, pizza, getting older, and general thoughts on living up here in the great Pacific Northwest.

I have a number of projects on GitHub. I’m particularly fond of my ever-growing random character generator for “classic” era inspired RPGs, including my own HAMMERCRAWL! game.

Alliterated Games

Alliterated Games is the label I use for my game design projects and work. I’ve got two games out officially under that label – Cannibal Contagion and Motobushido – and a handful of others always rotating in and out of the cooker.



  • Cannibal Contagion (original design)
  • Motobushido (original design)
  • Motobushido: Crimson Blossoms (original design)
  • Gattaibushido: FUSION! (original design)
  • HAMMERCRAWL! (original design)
  • Broadsword (editing)


  • Have Movies, Will Game (Co-Host, Chief Editor, Producter)
  • Bikers, Dice, and Bars (Co-Host, Chief Editor, Producter)