Friday Kickstarter Re-Cap #2

Friday Kickstarter Re-Cap #2

The big news: This week we hit the funding mark! Yay! That’s a lot off my shoulders, for sure. Thanks, everyone! Now, to hammer down those stretch goals.

This week saw the start of a new Dueling Lessons series of mechanics posts, to introduce readers to the essence of the game’s core crunch. I’ve got two up already, and am hoping to get a third out today or tomorrow.

Some project updates of note this week:

In other news…

  • I had a fun time interviewing on the Geeky and Genki podcast. It will hopefully be released in the next week or two.
  • Coming all the way from France, a blogger at has a quick shout-out.
  • Motobushido was featured at a recent installment of our local “Ready Set Game” event here in Portland this week. The game was a lot of fun (I reviewed it a couple of days ago, and we’ll be playing again in two weeks.

And as a taste of things to come, next week I’m going to be adding tshirts, and a special new cross-promotion.

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