Motobushido Game Recap: When Alice Cooper Slew Neil Diamond and Became King

Motobushido Game Recap: When Alice Cooper Slew Neil Diamond and Became King

“But I forgot! Cher’s head is no longer useful!” – Justin Smith, the Enforcer

Last night’s demo game of Motobushido was perhaps the most insane session I’ve ever run of any game, ever. It all started with a war between two parties, over the hidden oil reserves underneath Weird Vegas. Their unit in the war had been commanded to ride into the middle of town and play the One True Power Chord which would start the nukes and destroy the enemy. The Glory Hound did not find these orders to be suitably glorious, and attempted to leave, but got into a fight with the Veteran, and ended up tied to a bike and minus one hand. The unit ultimately decided to charge forth and carry out their orders.

Three years later, the Veteran and the Glory Hound are still alive, the last survivors of their unit. See, the One True Power Chord didn’t work, the nukes never triggered, and the enemy wiped out their side of the battle. Vegas was lost, now ruled by the New Brat Pack, with their Prizefighters enforcement gang. The Veteran – now Road Captain – had led his pack to many victories in the small amount of time since the war. They’d slain Presley, Diamond, and even wiped out Mike Tyson and most of his Prizefighters. The Glory Hound now served as his Enforcer, and knew is place of subservience within the ranks. Accompanying them was a Trail Blazer, a Historian, and a Nomad (played by none other than Rick Marcks, the game’s artist).

The time had come to take out the new King of Vegas. You see, after killing off Neil Diamond, they’d thought that they’d taken out the power of town, and destabilized it to the point of anarchy. But in truth, they just left a void that was quickly filled by none other than the Road Captain’s twin brother: Alice Cooper. But there was one problem: Cooper’d given up Rock, and turned to Jazz. The Pack couldn’t let that insult stand.

Gathering their Pack together, they charged the Luxor, going in for the kill. The front line resistance was led by none other than Cher, with her deadly squad of kabuki assassin Pop Stars. They were overcome with ease, however, and the Pack rode their bikes right up the side of the pyramid. After defeating the archers at the top, partially assisted by the power of the Nomad’s strongly-worded Yelp Reviews, they finally came face to face with AC himself, the new King of Vegas. One simple gunshot later, and the king was dead.

The Enforcer, having fired the fatal shot, then immediately usurped the throne, becoming King Diamond.

And now, somewhere in the shadows, Elvis Costello plans his revenge.

Thus went the adventure of Fingerbang, the Rock and Roll Samurai Pack.

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