Highlights from the Motobushi Photoshoot

Highlights from the Motobushi Photoshoot

A while back my pal Dustin Eppers took some photos of me as a motobushi, astride my own lovely bike Loretta. Aaron Clark (PAX Enforcer extraordinaire) loaned us the armor, and I think him heartily for the kindness.

This one with the train would definitely be my favorite, and there’s a story behind it. When we started taking all the photos, the tracks nearby were totally clear. Mid-way through the shoot, the sounds of bells and a train were pretty obvious, and this big machine comes rolling on along – and it was rolling fast. I’m not versed on rail laws as they pertain to in-city motion, but this guy was definitely hauling ass. I turned, struck a quick pose, and Dusty grabbed a perfect shot of it.

And I’ll close it all with one final fun shot, to represent Aaron’s favorite team:


EDIT: Ah, WordPress, I see you added it to the gallery too. Uh, thanks?

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