Gattaibushido Public Beta Stage 2 is Live!

Gattaibushido Public Beta Stage 2 is Live!

Hello friends, and once again, thanks a million for your continued patience here. I’m super excited to make this post. As of this past weekend, the Stage 2 Beta version of the game rules are now online and available for download via the Giithub Repo!

Please look over the README doc here first. Then you can get the game here:


The first pages of the document detail my playtest needs, along with the current state of the game.

This is the final stage of playtesting, as the game does what I want it to do, I’m just needing some final rounds of player and reader feedback. I’ll be focusing on my home and convention playtests using this version through May of 2020, concluding with my annual trip to Wagoncon in The Dalles, Oregon.

There is still a good bit of placeholder text, which is being updated in the final production layout format that I’m developing simultaneously. The final version is styled to read like a combination of Course Syllabus and New Student School Guide. The playtest docs do not mimic that style currently, because I decided to keep them less stylistically-flavored for ease of development. I’m super excited with what we’ve got cooking on the other side, but want to keep it a surprise until we’ve got the final art assembled.

I’d love to hear your play reports. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. And if you haven’t already, join the community Discord server, and ask there.

Thanks again for your continued support!

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