We’re back on. Feels Good.

We’re back on. Feels Good.

New update on the KS page, re-posted here for those who follow:

(schizzzt) Attention Passengers: This is your Captain speaking. On behalf of Alliterated Games Space Tours, I thank you for your patience and custom while we dealt with the lat year or so of unfortunate life turbulence. My co-pilot, Mr. Ochoa, is back at the helm alongside me, and we are happy to have this flight back under control. We hope you enjoy the rest of the sight-seeing through the large clear aluminum viewing stations, as we have a few more regions of this quadrant to pass through, and I’m told that the sights they deliver are still the best to come.

With the cabin light dimmed, you are once again free to unbuckle your safety harnesses and mingle with the rest of the crew. Refreshments will be served soon. (schizzzt)

New art is on the way. New playtests are being scheduled. New commits are in the repo, with many more in the works. It’s 4.3 light years to Alpha Centauri, we’ve got five bigass mechas, a barracks full of teen angst, it’s space, and we’re forming Blazing Sword. Hit it.

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