Savage Worlds Motobushido is Officially Seeking Playtesters!

Savage Worlds Motobushido is Officially Seeking Playtesters!

(I posted this earlier today directly to the original Kickstarter page, but with an official announcement pending I am putting this post up as an official rally point.)

Hello folks! So a while back, I got contracted to write a Savage Worlds version of Motobushido for Pinnacle. To make a long story short, that version (three books!) is now completely written, back under my domain and direction as a licensed Savage Worlds release, and is being geared up for an actual public release.

This is a completely new campaign setting and extended rules set for Savage Worlds, inspired by but not tired to the original Motobushido game. The new books feature all new layout and art. The original Motobushido artist Rick Marcks is back with a huge heap of brand new artwork, bringing back that faux ukiyo-e style that made the original game so visually astounding. And this edition brings two new covers and a full Savage Worlds GM Screen, all illustrated by Jeremy Wilson.

As we near completion of the final product, I am in desperate need of external playtesters. I need people that are not me to read the books, run them, and give me feedback on the setting, the writing style, and most of all: the mechanics.

Is your gaming group well-versed in Savage Worlds? Do you have a strong interest in playtesting the Completely Written and Ready for Layout books? Do you want to provide feedback on them, and get recognized playtester credit in the final print? If so, comment here, or message me directly! I’ll get back to you one on one, and hook you up with the details of our playtest distribution and discussion forum (I’m currently using a private Google Plus Community for playtest discussion and feedback).

And to provide some teaser inspiration, here’s a sample of the cover art for the new book!

cb cover

And here’s some of the new art from Rick, too!



11 Replies to “Savage Worlds Motobushido is Officially Seeking Playtesters!”

  1. I do not have a huge amount of experience with Savage Worlds (but I do have some), or Moto Bushido, but I love the idea.

    I do have an active group that’s familiar with play testing interesting or unusual games, and a couple of players in that group who played in the playtest at Gamestorm and are Super Excited for me to run it for them even if its just in a play test format.

  2. I have a pretty good working knowledge of the Savage Worlds system, and would be happy to give it a look. I may be able to chisel out some time with a group.

  3. Hi, wont be able to playtest, but if you need a pair of eyes with loads of savage worlds gm experience, who has a solid grasp of the english language but still can give you a view if the rules are clear to foreign language gamers, just let me know

    1. Hey Marc, thanks for the offer! I just sent you an invite to the google community where all the files are shared for discussion. please let me know if you don’t get it. Thanks!

      – NPC

  4. Hi, Don’t know where you are with this, but my group has been doing Savage Worlds for 5+ years and four of us ride (2 Indian Scouts, a Honda Shadow and a scooter ;) )

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