Savage Worlds Motobushido is Officially Seeking Playtesters!

(I posted this earlier today directly to the original Kickstarter page, but with an official announcement pending I am putting this post up as an official rally point.)

Hello folks! So a while back, I got contracted to write a Savage Worlds version of Motobushido for Pinnacle. To make a long story short, that version (three books!) is now completely written, back under my domain and direction as a licensed Savage Worlds release, and is being geared up for an actual public release.

This is a completely new campaign setting and extended rules set for Savage Worlds, inspired by but not tired to the original Motobushido game. The new books feature all new layout and art. The original Motobushido artist Rick Marcks is back with a huge heap of brand new artwork, bringing back that faux ukiyo-e style that made the original game so visually astounding. And this edition brings two new covers and a full Savage Worlds GM Screen, all illustrated by Jeremy Wilson.

As we near completion of the final product, I am in desperate need of external playtesters. I need people that are not me to read the books, run them, and give me feedback on the setting, the writing style, and most of all: the mechanics.

Is your gaming group well-versed in Savage Worlds? Do you have a strong interest in playtesting the Completely Written and Ready for Layout books? Do you want to provide feedback on them, and get recognized playtester credit in the final print? If so, comment here, or message me directly! I’ll get back to you one on one, and hook you up with the details of our playtest distribution and discussion forum (I’m currently using a private Google Plus Community for playtest discussion and feedback).

And to provide some teaser inspiration, here’s a sample of the cover art for the new book!

cb cover

And here’s some of the new art from Rick, too!



Friday Excitement 2016-05-13

With this post I’m bringing back an old positivity exercise I used to practice, with the hope of using it as an ongoing tool for inspiration. So let’s talk about some things that I’m currently excited about!

First off, I’ll be spending this weekend at the third annual occurrence of the PDXAGE (Portland Analog Gaming Event) convention. PDXAGE is the newest convention-style event here in the Portland metro area, and is growing every year. While it’s mostly board-and-card game focused, there’s a growing RPG section and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’ll have a few of our CelStyle games with me to demo, as well as a fresh printed copy of Beyond the Wall for anyone interested in a pickup game. I’m really excited to see more gaming cons taking root in this city, so come check it out this weekend!

Speaking of CelStyle, the old website for our anime-inspired design collective either got hacked or got swiped, I’m not entirely sure of the details. I’m not excited about that at all, but I am pretty excited about taking the old site and starting something new. Look forward to a new site, a new domain, and a renewed stream of content in the coming weeks and more. Continue reading

End-of-Week Notes 5-14-2010: The Baseball Bat of Justice

Just a small handful of things spring to mind in review of this week. Two nights ago I started up a new Fallout 3 game, this time with the intention of playing it like a true Wastelander. That means: not hoarding every single thing I find back in my locker at Megaton, foraging as I go, using only the weapons I can scavenge and maintain as I go, dropping what I can’t carry, and leaving small caches of equipment stashed here and there. This time my name is Shrike, a no-nonsense tough bitch from Vault 101, self-proclaimed protector of Megaton and its environs following the unfortunate violent death of its previous sheriff, the late Lucas Simms1.

So far, my quest has been well-fought but hard-won. I’ve lost a few circumstantial allies on occasion, including a poor scavenger who got caught in the crossfire when those no-good Talon Merc goons jumped me, but thankfully, word is getting out: Shrike’s gunning for the bad guys, and the bad guys be scared. Just last night I donned my favorite leather jacket2, pumped myself up on Buffout and MedX, and took out an entire clutch of nasty Raiders using only a Louisville Slugger I had affectionately named Pablo. I barely had time to catch my breath as I led my assault, needing to take them out with as much celerity as possible so as to maximize the effectiveness of my chemically-skyrocketed battle prowess. I charged through their compound – one insultingly forged out of the ruins of an old elementary school – and wiped their filthy souls from the planet with minimal injury. Then I slept off my wounds in their own beds, dragged their bodies into a central heap, peed on their dead leader’s corpse, and set them all ablaze with their own flamethrower before leaving the next morning.

I fucking hate Raiders.

What’s next for Shrike? Word is there’s some “family” of villains terrorizing the poor nearby settlement of Arefu. An easy-on-the-eyes dame named Lucy ain’t seen or heard from her folks up there in quite some time. As the new sheriff of these parts, I reckon it’s ’bout time I let these cheeky bastards know who’s now in charge ’round here. Time to go give this family a taste of the Baseball Bat o’ Justice. Pablo’s a close talker, a real social type.

This past Monday night saw another session of my weekly Savage Worlds game. I’ve become a bit slack with this game, owing in no small part to the increasing difficulty of me running games on Monday nights. This campaign’s days are acknowledgedly numbered, but thankfully this most recent session really got my blood pumping again. I eagerly await the ending few sessions of the series, in part because gaming on Mondays is takings its toll on me, but mostly because I really want to know what happens next. The beauty of running this game largely from the seat of my pants is that when it gets me, it really gets me, and I’m as eager to know the future as the players are. I’ll wait a few more sessions before I post things in detail, though.

I’ll end this post with a little idea: Iron Kingdoms, done with Warhammer FRP 3rd Edition. I think it would rock.


1 PS: thanks for the bitchin’ coat and hat, Luke. RIP
2 Tunnel Snakes rule! *shove*

Savage Worlds House Rule: Monkey Knife Fight!

I’d like to showcase a house rule that I’ve started using in all my Savage Worlds campaigns. It’s called the “Monkey Knife Fight.” My buddy Chris showed me this simple and fun time-wasting game a while back, and I’ve found that with a little bit of tweaking to the original method it works exceptionally well in combat for those times when groups of mooks and henchmen are fighting one another (usually while the main PCs are engaged in their own fights). Here’s how it works:

  1. Count the number of fighters on each side, and set a single die down for each fighter. The die should equal their relative combat skill die (Fighting or Shooting).
  2. Each side rolls all their dice at once. For each die that rolls a 4 or higher, remove the smallest die from your opponent’s dice pool. For each die that rolls a 1, remove that die from your own dice pool.
  3. Repeat each round until one side wins or retreats, or the combat is otherwise resolved.

Should the story’s direct focus ever actually move to either side of this conflict, however, it is then handled as per normal rules. Meaning, if it ever actually becomes important to handle the combat with a more hands-on method, then by all means, abandon the Monkey Knife Fight and roll the dice as normal.

Campaign Log: Strangelight! Sessions 1 & 2

I’m currently playing catch-up on my logs of the new “Strangelight!” campaign. It’s set in the Iron Kingdoms, and uses the Savage Worlds rules. I’ve already posted the premise of the campaign elsewhere, so I’ll save the internet a tiny bit of space by not re-posting it here.

We made the characters way back around the end of November, but only just recently started actually playing the game, as the holidays and various familiar commitments prevented us from being able to meet again after character creation.

  • Drake as “Mishka Starov,” a Kossite ex-Widowmaker who deserted the army after seeing many ghostly visions of his possible future deaths
  • Emma as “Rosalynd Hutch,” a Caspian Arcane Mechanik, recently graduated from the Mechanikal Studies school of Corvis University
  • Robert as “Gregory Vascalho,” a Tordoran ex-watchman, fired for sticking his nose in places where the bureaucracy felt it didn’t belong
  • Robin as “Captain Branduff Scully,” a Thurian river smuggler in search of his missing eye, which was stolen along with half of his soul by a wicked imp
  • Ryan as “Quinlan Bralazzi,” a Rynnish Noble Wizard with a secret hobby of Infernalism and a sour attitude toward his lessers

In our first session (four or so weekends ago), we introduced all of the five main protagonists. All of them had been contacted through various means by a wealthy Magi from Five Fingers named Unger von Grendelbach. The Magi had recently acquired franchising permission from the Ceryl-based Strangelight Workshop, which focuses its efforts on the investigation and sometimes eradication of supernatural hauntings. Von Grendelbach sought out the five characters for his own reasons, and all of them accepted his offer. Continue reading