H66: The Three Extensions of Character

H66: The Three Extensions of Character

Just as there are three core Codes which the player must balance, there will be three core “extensions” to those characters. These will function similarly to Classes in more mainstream games, and give the players a good variety of mechanical combinations for character assignment.

First we have the Pack Roles. Will you be the Pack Leader, and take on the mantle of command and control? Will you be the Road Captain, who guides the Pack along the Highway, ensuring a safe ride? Will you be the Tail Gunner, and keep up the end of the convoy? Will you be the Trail Blazer, and ride far ahead into the unknown seeking opportunity? How about the Armsman, who’s task it is to keep order within the rank and file?

Next we have the Bikes. The rugged “Thunder” is the beast of the long road and the even longer ride (touring bike). The vicious Wasp can speed forth to and from and danger (sport bike). The unrestrainable Dust Cloud can travel any terrain and surmount any obstacle (dirt bike). The ever-versatile Hawk is adaptable to any street, and any battle (standard/UJM). The roaring Dragon, built from the shells of the mightiest beasts, always makes itself known (chopper). The elusive Dragonfly cannot be captured on its field of choice (cafe racer).

Finally we have the sword styles. Honestly, I haven’t given these much thought yet, but I do plan on givine them greater attention in the coming phases of design.

More on this as the ideas take shape!

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