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Cannibal Contagion

Friday Excitement, 2016-07-22

First and foremost: I’m excited the site is working again! I had a number of technical difficulties over the last month, but after jamming away at them over the last couple of nights, I believe I have everything back in working order.

I’m exited to say that Cannibal Contagion is now fully converted to Markdown and committed to Github. That took longer than I wanted it to, but a lot of distractions got in the way. This was quite a fun learning experience, and the format-conversion process greatly helped me refine my current design method. Check it out here!

I’ve also recently dusted off another old game of mine that I’d totally forgotten about. After a few new tweaks, I’m giving Don’t Die another shot for public playtesting. It’s a “Disaster Action Movie” fast-paced survival-focused RPG, which runs for three or more players and doesn’t need a GM (although it’s possible to run with one, if desired). I’ve uploaded the newest playtest docs, and you can download them here.

I’m also ridiculously excited to once again be running more playtests of both the upcoming Savage Motobushido game setting and my own in-progress Gattaibushido. I started writing up a super huge playtest report of the recent Gattai session but then the site crashed and I lost it. So I’m hoping to get that back out there sometime soon, but it’s taking time to sort through the leftover ashes of this new phoenix.

Anyway that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with some concept art for the new game!

DontDie bearsonasub

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Cannibal Contagion and Motobushido are coming to GitHub very soon!

When I finally started working on converting these two titles, it was initially quite daunting for the simple fact that all of my more recent edits to the text had been done directly in the InDesign files post-publishing. The initial design documents (written in MS Word) were long since abandoned after the text and image placements had been finalized. And converting from either the .indd or final .pdf files seemed to be impossible… at first.

Thankfully, a nifty combination of cross-tool conversions finally made the process significantly easier for me. The flow was: Indesign -> Export as Epub -> Open in Calibre -> Convert to Docx -> Open in Pandoc -> Convert to Markdown. The end result was a significantly easier to work with .md conversion, with close to 75% of the work already done for me (as opposed to about 20% or so when converted to HTML or XML instead). There’s still a good backlog of search-and-replace jobs needing to be finished, but the docs are coming along a whole lot quicker than I had forecast. Anyway, I’m still working on them, one at a time. Cannibal Contagion will come first, followed by Motobushido. And who knows, maybe I’ll put up some of the updated revised texts too, once this all gets completed.

For now, I’ve at least got Part 1 of Cannibal Contagion live in the ‘hub. The remainder is still in the works, but coming along nicely.

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Cannibal Contagion: Son of Shambler

Work has begun on a new version of Cannibal Contagion. Ultimately, I’m writing a book that is more in line with how I actually run the game. The mechanics make a bit more sense, and the book will be at least a hundred pages slimmer, and likely more. I learned a lot from creating the first edition of this game, and I intend on using those lessons to create a more approachable product. As much as I love reading that book, I realize that there is just so much unnecessary text, and for new readers it is not the most immediately understandable game.

So in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more updates on this, but for now, I’m about two days into the revision and already over halfway done with the text. This time it’s a lot easier to write, because I’ve run this game so many times using the newer streamlined rules that they just make sense. This should be good.

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Hey anon: Sure I’ll let you play my game

I recently became aware of this thread on 7chan, in which someone was requesting a copy of Cannibal Contagion, since they missed the not-so-heavily-advertised Halloween special. If any of you anon folks are reading this, let me know. I’ll gladly extend to you a copy of the PDF for free (as in, no cash cost), in exchange for comments, reviews, and your general honest thoughts (good or bad) after reading it. Comment here and let me know. Thanks!


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