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Cannibal Contagion: Son of Shambler

Work has begun on a new version of Cannibal Contagion. Ultimately, I’m writing a book that is more in line with how I actually run the game. The mechanics make a bit more sense, and the book will be at least a hundred pages slimmer, and likely more. I learned a lot from creating the first edition of this game, and I intend on using those lessons to create a more approachable product. As much as I love reading that book, I realize that there is just so much unnecessary text, and for new readers it is not the most immediately understandable game.

So in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more updates on this, but for now, I’m about two days into the revision and already over halfway done with the text. This time it’s a lot easier to write, because I’ve run this game so many times using the newer streamlined rules that they just make sense. This should be good.

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