Hey anon: Sure I’ll let you play my game

Hey anon: Sure I’ll let you play my game

I recently became aware of this thread on 7chan, in which someone was requesting a copy of Cannibal Contagion, since they missed the not-so-heavily-advertised Halloween special. If any of you anon folks are reading this, let me know. I’ll gladly extend to you a copy of the PDF for free (as in, no cash cost), in exchange for comments, reviews, and your general honest thoughts (good or bad) after reading it. Comment here and let me know. Thanks!


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  1. Greetings, I have an interest in trying out your game. I have a monthly game at a small game store, where I run an exposition of a RPG. So each month I try to do a different game, and recently was reduced on my working hours so the chance to try a game for free sounds very agreeable. I have no problems leaving comments and can even give you a group feedback.

    I wouldn’t be running this game until the first weekend of December but, please get back to me.

  2. Hello, I was just curious if you were still have the problem, as I didn’t receive any message from you. Thanks.

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