HAMMERCRAWL! is now a full game!

HAMMERCRAWL! is now a full game!

It’s been a long while coming, but I’m pleased to finally announce that after much tooling around and growing dissatisfaction with games that I’ve played this process with, HAMMERCRAWL! is now being developed as a complete new game from the ground up. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, HAMMERCRAWL! started as my own home-brew method of running “classic” style D&D-based tournament pick-up games with 100% randomly-generated components. I originally meant for it to be a “method” applied to existing games, but none of the games I played quite satisfied my needs for this experiment. I got tired of shoe-horning the current popular games of the “scene” into the process, and just decided to approach the whole thing from a fresh perspective.

The result is the new HAMMERCRAWL! core game. It’s meant to be a simple, familiar, and cross-compatible “classic” style dungeon crawl, for pick up and play gaming with new and experienced players alike. Best part is it is entirely free! You can follow the development at its official public GitHub repo, and I welcome any contributions and input you may have.

Oh yeah, and there’s a fully-functional character generator program for it, too!

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