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HAMMERCRAWL! is now a full game!

It’s been a long while coming, but I’m pleased to finally announce that after much tooling around and growing dissatisfaction with games that I’ve played this process with, HAMMERCRAWL! is now being developed as a complete new game from the ground up. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, HAMMERCRAWL![…]

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Hammercrawl v2.0, Revisited

Author’s Note, May 2016: I wrote this post before going to Gamestorm last year, but something caught it up accidentally in a pending state and frankly I’m not sure what happened. I haven’t really touched this blog much since then, but I just this morning found it chilling out in[…]

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HAMMERCRAWL! Roguelike Random OSR Gaming, Part 1: Tools

(This post has turned into something much larger than expected, so I’m breaking it up into multiple posts) Last year at Gamestorm 2014, a few conversations on “roguelike” gaming experiences led me to come up with an on-the-fly method for character-grinding adventure gaming. With but a single simple Chessex d12[…]

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