Update on Cannibal Contagion Print

Update on Cannibal Contagion Print

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the current status of Cannibal Contagion’s first print run and pre-orders. I received the initial test print prototype a week and a half ago, and it was indeed very nice. The layout was fantastic, the art was crisp and evocative of the atmosphere I seek to create.

There has been a minor problem with the cover, though, that I am seeking to get straightened out. Only problem is that Lulu’s support team takes at least a day to respond to any email and follow-up, which adds up when multiple questions and interactions are necessary. Once the cover issue is resolved, though, I’ll be placing the first bulk print order. I hope to do this before this weekend. I don’t want this sitting on my shoulders while moving to my new place, ugh.

But yes! Soon! The book is AWESOME, and just holding it in my hands and smelling it’s freshly-printed deliciousness almost brought me to tears. I finally accomplished one of my dreams. Awesome.

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