Classroom Deathmatch: Character Creation House Rules

Classroom Deathmatch: Character Creation House Rules

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but Classroom Deathmatch is one of my favoritest RPGs ever.  One problem I have, however, is running it. I have always felt that it should be able to be picked up and played with a minimum of advance preparation. Unfortunately, the game’s character-creation system is sadly lacking – there really isn’t one at all, actually. As the book exists, characters consist of 50 pre-made characters that the players must randomly draw. However, this requires the GM to have pre-printed and cut all fifty of the characters, and have them on-hand. Since these get written on, it is then extremely difficult to re-use these character sheets for future games.

To combat this, I have whipped up a system of on-the-fly character creation for this game. I’ve actually used this a few times before, and only just now decided to actually put everything down in text so that others can use it. Below are the full details for creating custom characters on the fly. I hope you all find this useful, and I look forward to hearing your results!

Basic Preparation: To use this system, I recommend getting a sheet of paper and making a numbered list from 1 to 50. You’ll use this list to record the names and student numbers of the characters you create, mention, and otherwise bring into play. It’s also a good idea to have a stack of index cards available for student records, or some other similar collection of note paper.

Student Number: There are fifty students in each class of the Deathmatch. This is pretty simple: rolle D100 and divide the result by two, rounding up. If you ever make a new character and roll an already taken number, just roll again.

Popularity: To determine your character’s initial popularity, roll a D6, a D8, and a D10. Whichever is lowest determines your character’s popularity – D6 = Least Popular, D8 = Average, and D12 = Most Popular. If the lowest is a tie, roll the tied dice again to break it.

Elemental Dice: To determine the dice ranks of your five Godai elements, you must rank them at 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1, from best to worst.

Traits: Pick traits from the list below, or write your own.

Clubs: Pick one to three clubs of your choice from the list below.

Belongings: Write down one to three items you would feasibly have on your person.

Special Techniques: Choose one from the list below, or write your own.

Other Students: Whenever a player mentions another previously-unmentioned student in their traits or such (such as a romance, dislike, etc), that newly-mentioned student should be given a name and a randomly-rolled student number, and then added to the main list at the table.

Bringing in New Characters: When a new character is brought into a scene, be it a new player character or just a newcomer NPC to the scene, it is highly recommended that you pull them first from the list of already-named students on the roster, if any. This will most likely make them more important to the characters already there, and make the story more interesting.

Example Traits:

  1. Afraid of Boys
  2. Afraid of Girls
  3. Athletic Family
  4. Bad Temper
  5. Beats on Smaller Girls
  6. Best Dressed
  7. Brilliant Mathematician
  8. Canadian Exchange Student
  9. Can Drive a Car
  10. Can Pilot a Boat
  11. Collects Doujinshi
  12. Complete Pervert
  13. Computer Geek
  14. Dates (insert character name here)
  15. Disgraced Parents
  16. Everyone’s Friend
  17. Excellent Cook
  18. Excellent Pitcher
  19. Father is a Baseball Player
  20. Father is a Politician
  21. Father is in Military
  22. Fearless
  23. Friends in High Places
  24. Girls don’t like me
  25. Good friend of (character name)
  26. Graffiti Artist
  27. Great Motivational Speaker
  28. Has a crush on (character name)
  29. Hates (character name)
  30. Hates Authority
  31. Hates Popular Girls
  32. Hates Tacos
  33. Intimidating
  34. Judo Master
  35. Knows Everything About Movies
  36. Leader of a Boy Gang
  37. Leader of a Girl Gang
  38. Loves Final Fantasy Games
  39. Loves Foreign Food
  40. Loves (character name)
  41. Loves the sound of own voice
  42. Loves to cook for others
  43. Martial Arts Training
  44. Member of the Boys Gang
  45. Member of the Girls Gang
  46. Molestation
  47. Monopoly Champion
  48. Mother is American
  49. My band has a record deal
  50. Only Child
  51. Parents are Doctors
  52. Plays online RPGs
  53. Ran Away From Home
  54. Really Shy
  55. Rumored to have killed family
  56. School Guily Gear Champion
  57. Sells Drugs
  58. Show Off
  59. Smells Bad
  60. Star Pitcher
  61. Super Popular
  62. Superiority Complex
  63. Teacher’s Pet
  64. Thinks she has no friends
  65. Trilingual
  66. Trusted by Friends
  67. Very Supportive of Friends
  68. Wants to be a nurse
  69. Wealthy family
  70. Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

Example Clubs:

  1. Academic Club
  2. Anime Club
  3. Aviation Club
  4. Band
  5. Baseball Team
  6. Basketball Team
  7. Bento Club
  8. Board Game Club
  9. Buddhist Philosophies Club
  10. Cafeteria Duty
  11. Class President
  12. Computer Club
  13. Cooking Club
  14. Dance Club
  15. Drama Club
  16. Fashion Club
  17. Foreign Movie Club
  18. Guitar Club
  19. Hall Monitor
  20. Hostess Club
  21. Judo Club
  22. Karate Club
  23. Kendo Club
  24. Manga Club
  25. Model UN
  26. Modern Visual Culture Club
  27. Music Appreciation Club
  28. Ping Pong Club
  29. Pottery Club
  30. Rollerblade Club
  31. “Save the Pandas” Club
  32. School Newspaper
  33. Soccer Team
  34. Student Government
  35. Sumo Team
  36. Swim Team
  37. Tennis Club
  38. Track Club
  39. Volleyball Team
  40. Weight Training Club

Special Techniques:

  1. Acrobatic Defense Style!
  2. Always Knows the Answer!
  3. Best Speech Ever!
  4. Can take a beating!
  5. Car-lifting strength!
  6. Cheater!
  7. Combat Driving!
  8. Crocodile Bite!
  9. Death Pitch!
  10. Demon Temper!
  11. Dragoon Jump!
  12. Everyone Loves Me!
  13. Feel the wrath of my Level 70 Paladin!
  14. Flying Phoenix Kick!
  15. Foreign might!
  16. Girls submit to my wicked charms!
  17. Gravity-defying vertical sprint!
  18. I lead this gang!
  19. I won’t die until I confess my love!
  20. Healing Touch!
  21. Intellectual Powerhouse!
  22. I can talk my way out of anything!
  23. I know your weakness!
  24. I won’t die before you!
  25. Invisibility technique!
  26. Judo Takedown!
  27. Lucky!
  28. My Family OWNS your family!
  29. Overwhelming Beauty!
  30. Moves like the wind!
  31. No one tells me what to do!
  32. Perfect Aim!
  33. Romance Healing Kiss Technique!
  34. Run away!
  35. Sex Appeal!
  36. Sneak Attack!
  37. Sumo Tackle!
  38. Super Bento Special Technique!
  39. Super Cat Reflex!
  40. Super Charming Smile!
  41. Suppressed Fury!
  42. Surprise Snake Kick!
  43. Take the hit!
  44. Ultra Haymaker!
  45. Ultra Tornado Speed!
  46. Unbreakable Spirit!
  47. Unnoticeable Wallflower Stealth Attack!
  48. Volcano Punch-uh!
  49. Wounds can’t stop me!
  50. Yoko Strikeout Special!

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