Gamestorm 2009: Post-Con Regrets

Gamestorm 2009: Post-Con Regrets

Now that I’ve had more time to reflect on the past weekend, I’ve made a short list of regrets from the convention.

First off, I forgot to pick up several things that I wanted: the Yeld whitebook, the Crossroads 2nd edition whitebook, the Spectre of the Beast document, and Dine n Dash.

Second, I didn’t actually get to play anything at all. I ran four games, but was a player in none. I think next year I’ll split my time more evenly. I really badly look forward to this Friday Night’s game, so I can roll some dice and take some names, ryargh!

Finally, I didn’t get to shake Jonathan Tweet’s hand and thank him for creating the wonderful game that is Everway. Ah well, maybe next time!

That’s it, really. It really was an otherwise fabulous weekend.

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