Pumpkin Crypt Gaming Crew

Pumpkin Crypt Gaming Crew

Welcome to the Pumpkin Crypt

This is a general “landing page” for the Pumpkin Crypt Gaming Crew. Various bits of information for the crew will be kept either here or in the private forums.

Table Rules

Below are the general rules of behavior when gaming at the Crypt.

  • Be Excellent to One Another. This should go without saying, but hey, I’m gonna anyway! All are welcome here provided all are welcoming of each other.
  • Don’t Let the Cat into the Studio. The gaming room is a no cats allowed space.
  • Ask before you take the last Drink/Snack. Mainly just a good friendly courtesy, as well as a reminder to everyone that it may be time for another snack run.
  • When the GM Makes a Call, it’s Decided. In other words, There shall be no mid-session rules arguments once the facilitator of the game has made a call. The call sticks at least until the end of the present session. Once that session ends, if the subject is still one in need of discussion, talk about it then, and reassess if need be going forward. Do not retcon except under extreme circumstances. In yet more “other” words: Move Play Along.
  • No Smoking Inside. Take it outside.
  • Vaping Inside is OK unless someone voices a complaint. In that case, take it outside.