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KnownWorld RPG is also now added to GitHub

Following the trail laid out by yesterday’s post, I’ve gone and pushed out the KnownWorld rules to GitHub as well. This was a Palladium Fantasy 1st Ed rules hack that I developed, to try and get some more use out of a set of well-loved books that still grace my shelf. That game world will always be one of my favorites, but ye gods I just can’t handle that system for more than an hour. Anyway we played with these house rules for a few sessions before the game fell apart, and while they’re not perfect, they were a lot of fun and helped us breathe new life into a beloved older setting.

So if you have the Palladium Fantasy 1E book handy (you absolutely need it to play – if you don’t have it, you can buy it here), then check out that repo and read over the rules. And feel free to offer suggestions for improvement. And don’t forget, there’s still Eight Days Left on the Savage RIFTS Kickstarter!

Next up: Cannibal Contagion!

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Timiro Nights: Let Me Tell You About My Burning Wheel Game

I know I’ve mentioned this game a few times before, but I’d like to take some time out right now to put some spotlight on one of my small handful of ongoing projects. The campaign I call “Timiro Nights” started as an extended playtest for my now-abandoned KnownWorld Palladium RPG rules hack. After only three sessions, I had grown tired of the cumbersome mentality of the mechanical source material – no matter how you package or rearrange its numbers, the Palladium RPG system is just a sad sack of unbalanced hackneyed crap.

But damn me if I can’t shrug off my love for the core fantasy setting! It’s straight-up old school fantasy excitement, and my love for it is nigh boundless. The lands are rich with adventure, the gods come down and fuck with mortal pawns like it ain’t no thang, social conflict and strife are everywhere, and ancient beings of infinite malignant power lie slumbering beneath the world’s surface. It’s just plain rad, if you ask me. Of course it also helps that this was the setting I first ever “officially” tabletopp’d in, way back in my middle school years.

Anyway, long story short: KnownWorld was getting old, Palladium’s core system blows hobos, and we switched to Burning Wheel. We’ve had a much better time since then. So allow me to introduce our heroes! Read More »

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Timiro Nights Goes Burning Wheel: Success! (and some musings)

This past weekend, I finally made the official complete switch, fully translating the events, characters, and setting from my KnownWorld “Timiro Nights” campaign into the Burning Wheel game system. This particular campaign is relatively new (only a handful of sessions so far since inception), but it has been a consistent source of gaming joy for me since getting the group together. It’s been a while since I’ve had a group this responsive, and this eager to extend the game talk well into our downtime. I’m glad to say that so far, the conversion to the new rules has been a success. I’d like to take a few here and talk about the juicy technical bits behind that conversion, and my own ideas of how the Burning Wheel system should work. Read More »

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QUAD and KnownWorld in the RPG Review!

I totally forgot to mention this, but in the most recent edition (March 2009) of the RPG Review, both QUAD and my KnownWorld hack were featured for all to see. Awesome! Thanks, Lev, for helping to spread the word! If any of you read the RPG Review and found your way here as a result, let me know if you have any questions about those games, or just want to stop and chat.

As for the rest of you, if you haven’t heard of the RPG Review, I highly encourage you to check it out. It’s a RPG Fanzine along the lines of the late Shadis, Polyhedron and Dragon (pre-3rd Ed, that is) Magazines, only in a completely digital format. This magazine covers just about every RPG under the sun, from hardcore combat grinders to intense storytelling games and more. The format is simple and easy to digest, and reading it takes me back to the joys of my younger days of gaming, when similar fan magazines could only be acquired by special mail-order or through old Prodigy dropboxes. Ah, nostalgia!

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