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Cannibal Contagion: Update Imminent – Themes, Gear Limits, and More

There will most likely be a new update to the Cannibal Contagion playtest rules in the next day or so. I’ve been adding spacers for art, ads, character profiles, and an index. Additionally, I’m working on a somewhat thick section on evoking game themes, such as survival, macabre humor, and paranoia, among others. I’ve also added a few additional rules and clarifications, including a section on mechanical limitations on a character’s Gear (thank you, Resident Evil!).

As usual, when the update is ready, look for it on this blog.


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Cannibal Contagion: Playtest Rules Update 8/4/2008

I meant to do this Friday, but only just now found the time to get around to it. The playtest rules have been updated considerably:

  • Added placeholders for four pre-generated example characters
  • Removed the Agsomafa mechanics
  • Updated the Showdown outcomes: now the total play pile = Hurtin’, and faces and aces can be exchanged for Facts and Awesome tokens
  • Added two new Joker-specific power maneuvers to replace the Agsomafa. One mechanic involves an all-or-nothing desperate move, the other allows you a boosted result should you win with a joker.
  • Updated glossary
  • Updated character sheets and accessory cards
  • Removed the Awesome-for-Hurtin’ weapon modifier

The updated rules and sheets can be found here, as usual.

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Cannibal Contagion: New Rules Draft is Live

I just posted a new revision to the Cannibal Contagion playtest rules. This one’s kind of a biggie, and consists of two big changes that were suggested by recent in-house and external playtesting. The first one: I’ve renamed the four core characteristics. Yep, those four silly acronyms were irritating to most people, so they’re gone. The Agsomafa is staying, but that’s it. The new names: Kill, Cool, Grit, and Savvy. The rules and the character sheets have been updated to reflect these changes.

Second, the text has been completely reorganized, with a few sections merged and the table of contents shortened significantly. Things are easier to find, flow more logically, and most of all, the bare bones text is getting organized in preparation for the eventual art that will accompany it.

As always, the downloads can be found here.

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Post-Playtest Report 5/1/2008: Fantasy Snakes on a Plane of the Lost

Yesterday afternoon I met with Jake, Nathan, and Tyler at Empire Games, down on SE Foster. I’d never been to this place before, nor did I even know it existed, as it has a pretty low street visibility (and I never find myself that far down in the SE, really). The game of the day was to be Cannibal Contagion, and I brought along a fresh print of the rules, a deck of playing cards, some tokens, some pre-cut blank NPC cards, and a fresh scenario idea involving planes, snakes, dingos, lost islands, velociraptors, reality-television cults, and infectious cyber-psychosis. The idea was to merge Lost, Snakes on a Plane, Fantasy Island, and Land of the Lost all into a comic survival-horror game. Read More »

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