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Cannibal Contagion Random Character Archetypes

I’ve been updating the character creation system of Cannibal Contagion to fix some issues brought up in some recent playtests. More specifically, I’ve been writing out an optional fully-randomized character creation process, which includes a handful of draw tables. With the draw of a handful of cards, the entire character can be created from scratch. These tables will also serve as examples for folks seeking ideas on their own Flaws, Archetypes, and Agsomafas. I’m posting the current list of 52 archetypes here for comment and discussion. These are pulled entirely from movies, games and comics of the zombie-survival genre. Read More »

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Cannibal Contagion: Big Changes, Mechanical Consolidation

After the last playtest and a lot of deliberation and fiddling over the weekend, I’m making some big changes to the rules, mainly in the form of mechanical consolidation. Essentially, I’m modifying the Infection and Crazy-go-Psycho rules to bring them more directly in line with the rest of the system, so they feel less like modifications and more like integral chunks of the core rules. Read More »

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Post-Playtest Report 5/1/2008: Fantasy Snakes on a Plane of the Lost

Yesterday afternoon I met with Jake, Nathan, and Tyler at Empire Games, down on SE Foster. I’d never been to this place before, nor did I even know it existed, as it has a pretty low street visibility (and I never find myself that far down in the SE, really). The game of the day was to be Cannibal Contagion, and I brought along a fresh print of the rules, a deck of playing cards, some tokens, some pre-cut blank NPC cards, and a fresh scenario idea involving planes, snakes, dingos, lost islands, velociraptors, reality-television cults, and infectious cyber-psychosis. The idea was to merge Lost, Snakes on a Plane, Fantasy Island, and Land of the Lost all into a comic survival-horror game. Read More »

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Cannibal Contagion Playtest Rules are Live

After a good deal of in-house testing and rules clarifications, I have the external Playtest Rules draft uploaded and ready to go. If anyone has a group that is open for a session or two of some quick pick-up zombie-survival gaming, please download this, give it a read, and let me know what you think. Included in the document is a sheet with a list of a handful of specific questions I have regarding the game play, and I’d greatly appreciate it if any playtesters would return to me with their answers after playing.


Update 1/6/2009: The playtest rules have been taken offline, and the “open playtesting” stage of development has ended. Thanks for your support!

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