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Pre-Orders Mailed, New Website in the Works, and More

Three updates!

First off, I want to let everyone know that the Cannibal Contagion pre-orders were put in the mail yesterday, as well as the special prize copies won during the GameStorm events. Expect them hopefully before the end of the week.

Second Update: I plan on having a new website up on the day after Zombie Day (see below). This new site will be a portal for Alliterated Games, leading to the forum, this blog, and pages on the various games.

Third Update: If you weren’t already aware, you should all attend “May of the Dead” Zombie Day at Guardian Games, on May 30th. It’s an all-day 11 AM to 10 PM (and later, for the adults and night owls) event. Events include: Two planned demos for my own newly-published survival RPG Cannibal Contagion, two separate 8-player prize tournaments of Left 4 Dead on the XBOX 360 (and all-day general playing of Left 4 Dead as well), two demos of the now out-of-print exclusive board game Last Night on Earth, some full-expansion tournaments of Zombies!!! the Board Game, six select zombie movies playing non-stop on the projector screen, a zombies-themed recurring D&D campaign, a zombies-themed demo scenario for the RPGA, some prize rounds of Zombie Flux, and multiple on-site zombie makeup artists – if you get made up as a zombie, you get a store-wide discount at the store for the day, and you are eligible for special prizes too!

I’m giving away free PDF copies of Cannibal Contagion to anyone who players in the demo sessions, as well. You should all come. It will be a grand affair indeed!

I’ll likely post an actual flier in the next week. But for now, mark your calendars, and come join the contagious fun.

And a surprise fourth update! I promise, I am still working on those GameStorm game reports. Life got unexpectedly chaotic these past few weeks, so suffice it to say I’ve been very distracted with other issues. The drafts grow a little every week, though, and I’ll be posting them when they’re perfect.

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Oblivion, Cannibal Contagion, and a Tiny Art Preview

I recently started playing Oblivion on the PS3. Okay, I like this game, but… let’s just say were I ten years younger, I would love this game. I just don’t have the time these days to devote to traveling this fully-immersive fantasy world. There’s just so much to do that I’m completely overwhelmed. I wonder how this bodes for the upcoming release of Fallout 3, which I’ve actually reserved a day off from work so I can play all day? Will it too be a completely suffocating expanse, or will there actually be some kind of story I can play along with? Hmmm, we shall see…

I’ve been updating a crap-ton of stuff for Cannibal Contagion. I’m gonna wait a few more weeks before I post the new playtest update, as there are so many changes and additions that I think it deserves a bigger all-encompassing release. The Contagion and NPC rules have been drastically re-written, I’ve added a big mess o’ sample bad guys, and I’ve made allies easier to incorporate into the flow of the game. Slowly but surely, the game is falling into the perfect flow, and I’m very proud.

I’m totally in love with the stuff that Vero and Leo have been sending me. Here’s a sneak peek at a piece from the core rules, intended to introduce the section of the rules for running and arranging the game:

Fabulous! Every new pic they send me makes me all the more excited. So far, with spacers for full-page art, the game is quickly approaching my original mark of 125 pages, and there’s a small chance it might even be more.

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