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Friday Excitement 2016-06-17

I was on vacation last week, so this week’s post is a catch-up. And of course, the first thing on my list of excitement is vacation! Yesterday was my first day back at the daily grind following a lovely week-long outing at the Oregon Coast, for our 6th annual “F.o.R.R.” (it’s an in-joke) Beach House party. I am glad to have been able to spend a quality week in the company of some of my favorite people, both old friends and new, and better yet have most of that time occupied with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

In case you weren’t aware, last Friday saw the release of Netflix’s brand new Voltron: Legendary Defender series, which I have already binge-watched twice through and am planning a third for the coming weekend. Dreamworks did a bang-up job with this one, and I daresay my squeals of glee while watching it at the beach house this weekend were a bit contagious. I’m not going to spoil anything about it, as I do hope you all will take the time to watch it for yourself.

…and of course when you’re done watching, you should then go playtest Gattaibushido and let me know what you think! If you haven’t been following along, I released the first pre-alpha public playtest document last Thursday, just before heading out the door to the Coast. I can use all the feedback I can get on it, so as to shape it into a better project. Give it a read, maybe try some rounds of play, and let me know what you think. It is in fact doubly helpful for me right now, as I’m also developing that other Motobushido-hack alongside it, just a little game about kung-fu hamsters or something like that…

Over the past couple days of post-beach relaxation, I have become entrenched in the RPGMaker MV program, and am toying with the idea of making some games with it. My only previous videogame-making experience was with mods for both the old Unlimited Adventures and then later Neverwinter Nights games, and a little bit of modding for Shadowrun Returns as well. But so far this interface is quite easy to tool with, and I do very much love me some old school JRPGs. Plus a number of really awesome non-standard RPGMaker games over the years have really impressed me, so I’m hoping that if I do ultimately decide to do something with it, I can maybe create something pretty neato. Maybe a Gattai companion game, or something entirely different.

In fact, it’s time to play with it some more right now. Happy weekend, everyone!

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