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KnownWorld RPG is also now added to GitHub

Following the trail laid out by yesterday’s post, I’ve gone and pushed out the KnownWorld rules to GitHub as well. This was a Palladium Fantasy 1st Ed rules hack that I developed, to try and get some more use out of a set of well-loved books that still grace my shelf. That game world will always be one of my favorites, but ye gods I just can’t handle that system for more than an hour. Anyway we played with these house rules for a few sessions before the game fell apart, and while they’re not perfect, they were a lot of fun and helped us breathe new life into a beloved older setting.

So if you have the Palladium Fantasy 1E book handy (you absolutely need it to play – if you don’t have it, you can buy it here), then check out that repo and read over the rules. And feel free to offer suggestions for improvement. And don’t forget, there’s still Eight Days Left on the Savage RIFTS Kickstarter!

Next up: Cannibal Contagion!

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