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Lately I’ve taken a break from devouring Japanese samurai cinema to catch up on some western films I’ve missed for various reasons. I tried the following three movies lately, with varying results.

Eden Log: This was recommended to me because of my intense love of the movie Pandorum, but man, I just couldn’t do it. It’s too slow, too hard to see. I got bored with it 15 minutes or so in and moved on to…

Up: I finally got around to seeing this, and I’m glad I did. 11 minutes into the movie I had to pause it so I could curl into a ball on my couch and have a good cry. The rest of the movie was accompanied by squeals and peals of laughter. This is, in my opinion, Pixar’s Big Fish, their magnum opus. I wonder if they’ll ever be able to top it? And I do hope that other studios and such catch on to the fact that ye, our elderly are the most interesting people alive and we need more stories about them that aren’t just geriatric comedies.

Juno: Somehow I managed to completely miss this one when it came around. I loved the entirety of it, but I found myself more taken in by Jennifer Garner’s character than anyone else. She did a damn good job of making you feel the longing and desperation of her character, and want her to succeed.

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