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Seeking Advice: How to “Chill Out” While Playing

I have a confession to make: I am frequently “that guy” at the gaming table. No, not that guy, ew, gross *shudder* thank heavens no. I actually bathe. No, I mean that guy who gets a little too into his moments, a little carried away. I frequently lose touch with the rest of the group’s needs when I’m in that awesome moment of role-playing. I don’t try to steal the spotlight, mind you, but once I have it I tend to forget I am in the forefront and just run with the moment as long as I can. It’s not a conscious move I’m making, and once I realize that I may in fact be hogging I do my best to step back, and then feel really guilty about the whole thing for a bit.

Lately I tend to leave every game session with this unspoken fear that I went too far this time, that those seemingly awesome ideas of things to do and my efforts to bring them into play crossed a line. I wonder how much of this is overly self-conscious paranoia, and how much is really me getting a bit lost and over-zealous? Fearing that the latter may be the case, I ask you: how do you reign yourselves in, folks, when the spotlight gets a little too awesome to let go? How do you avoid being this guy?

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