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Apocalypse World² – Sludge Pump vs Wasteland Graceland

I’ve very recently been lucky to land myself a place in two separate Apocalypse World games, as a player in one and the MC of the other.

The first one takes place in the small holding of Sludge Pump, an age-old water treatment plant that is now a fortified fountain with some hard-ass raiders inside it’s concrete walls. I’m taking on the role of CJ, a tough sumbitch gunlugger with an old west code of gunslinger’s honor. The two other primary players on the scene are a hocus named Dust and an angel named Key. Dust leads a rabble of filthy Armageddon-obsessed psychopaths, while Key does her best to keep folks alive while she plays at pulling the strings of internal power. So far, it’s set up to be something of a violent go at the game’s themes.

The game I’m actually MCing has been named “Graceland of the Wasteland” by the players, and it fits very well. I’ll go ahead and post one of the player’s basic notes here:

Red’s Notes:

Boxer Doom. Gunlugger. Abandoned by parents at 17. Has a letter from his parents which he can’t read, but knows that it explains that he isn’t wanted and is now on his own. He’s got a customized assault rifle, shotgun, hunting rifle and 9mm pistol, as well as a streak of bad luck.

Clover. Operator. Had a great gig (for Barker?) but blew it and now she’s scraping by on odd jobs.

Fat Elvis. Brainer. Looks like fat Elvis. From a tradition of Elvises; he’s the the King in New Memphis and has a legion of devoted fans. I know he’s got Unnatural Lust Transfixion (that’s how he gets all the ladies) and a pain wave projector, for when Elvis needs to leave the building. Is Fat Elvis’ hypnotic power over the fair sex the reason why Vega prefers female lieutenants? When he opens his brain to the psychic maelstrom, he hears static, and bits of music, until he can tune in to the song that tells him what he needs to know.

Vega BBQ. Hardholder. The description: casual wear, aristocratic face, cool eyes, tall spare body. He gets his last name from his penchant for barbecuing his enemies (does the gang eat them?). I picture him affecting a preppy J. Crew style and casual manner at odds with his status as a vicious raider with a big gang of bloodthirsty psychopaths armed to the teeth.

HX Setup: The by-the-book history options we chose: Boxer thinks Clover’s the prettiest. Boxer thinks Fat Elvis is the smartest. Vega left Boxer bleeding. Boxer stole from Vega. Vega knew Elvis and Clover before the holding. Elvis let Clover down. Boxer helped Clover out of a jam.

It’s implied that Boxer thinks Clover’s the prettiest due to a serious lack of competition in the holding. Vega, Elvis and Clover all lived in a holding controlled by Barker (Parker?); Vega, as a lieutenant, overthrew Barker and led some of the holding away. He recruited Elvis as a cultural leader for the people, promising him a New Memphis: the Graceland of the Wasteland. At some point in New Memphis, there was a bartender named Bar, who worked at the holding’s bar, also called Bar.

I can’t remember the exact infraction, but Clover pissed him off somehow, which devolved into a general shootout. Boxer pulled Clover’s fat out of the fire by blowing Bar’s head off; this however was considered a theft by Vega, who’d decreed that Bar be immolated. The details are unknown, but the episode ended with Vega abandoning Boxer bleeding; although he apparently either retained or earned lieutenant status since that incident.

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