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A Bit Beyond the Beyond

There’s a track just beginning to play right now on my home-to-work music streamer, and arriving alongside it is a flood of emotion. This tune is entitled “Above and Beyond,” and it is the 27th track on the soundtrack to the video game Beyond Good & Evil. A while back I wrote a rather lengthy blog entry on it, and hearing this right now, in the lulling last-hour stretch of my work day, has not-quite-but-just-slightly hit me with an intense longing to re-experience the moments that so solidly cemented this masterpiece into the most cherished vaults of my nostalgia.

I implore you: go play this game tonight. If you have already played it, go play it again. If you’ve never played it, get it off or eBay and immerse yourself. It will only occupy about 10-20 hours of your life, but they will be nigh two dozen spans of sheer awesome.

And now that I’ve typed this much, the final battle anthem is coursing it’s synth-operatic pulses through my speakers, and I want to go home so badly and re-visit the world of Hillys, and take Miss Jade on another adventure through its intrigues, and then kick that guy’s ass to hell and back again.

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