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Having Trouble Coordinating Your Game Sessions?

I am currently running a game that meets once a month, sometimes a little more than that. Arranging these game sessions has been fairly taxing in the past, as sometimes one or more players (or even myself) will forget when the next session is, or instead won’t know all the details of their future schedule when we get to the part of the night wherein we set the date of our next gathering.

After much search, trial, and error, I’ve found a fantastic free online service that makes session-arrangement much less of a scheduling headache. It’s called Agree-a-Date. This service allows the scheduler to pick any number of dates and times he or she will be available, then have the other players pick out individually which of those offered time slots also work for them. Additionally, it includes an open-ended question and voting system, allowing easy polling of such things as “where we playing tonight?” and “what do you guys want to do for dinner?” and “who can pick up Steve this time?”

If you ever have similar problems getting our players to agree on a date for your next session, check this one out.

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