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Cannibal Contagion: How to Acquire it

Okay! Several folks here and elsewhere have asked me how they might attain copies of Cannibal Contagion, either hardcopy or digitally, without having to arrange a pickup from me directly within town. Here are the answers.

Go here! You can find links to both the hardcopy order AND the PDF order. I personally fulfill all orders of both the book and the PDF, and this method also gives me the most direct profit.

If you simply MUST use Drive-Thru RPG, then here’s the page for the CC PDF. I only get 65% of the cost of those sales, but on the plus side there are spots there where you can leave user reviews.

Speaking of reviews… have you read and/or run and/or played it? Post some reviews! I’ll love you forever and buy you beer.

Tomorrow I’ll be sending a review copy to IPR, as well. *crosses fingers*

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