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Play Cannibal Contagion at GameStorm!

In less than one week’s time, I’ll be debuting three new scenarios for Cannibal Contagion at the local GameStorm convention. If you’ve been looking to try it out for yourself, then sign up for the con and register for one of the seats at the table. Each session is slated for a maximum of seven player slots, and some of them are filling up quickly. Current status of the games:

Name: Cannibal Contagion: the Unitologist Gambit
Time: Fri 5 PM to 9 PM
Description: This session: A game of horror, madness, and violent survival on a distant space mining colony. This game is based on the dark futuristic setting of the recent hit video game “Dead Space.” Familiarity with the franchise might be useful, but is not at all necessary, and there will be no spoilers of the events of the actual video game.
Status: 4 Slots left to be filled

Name: Cannibal Contagion: Occupant Necrodanger
Time: Sat 12 PM to 4 PM
Description: The sinister Parasol Collective has developed a new virus, codenamed “The Z-Contagion,” and they’ve decided to use the remote Possum Town as their first major testing experiment. Your characters are stylish-yet-clueless members of the local R.A.T.S (Rural Assault Team-Squad) Special Forces country militia unit, and must find a way to stop the contagion from destroying your way of life… and taking your jobs!
Status: 6 slots left to be filled

Name: Cannibal Contagion: The Jesus Camp Massacre
Time: Sat 6 PM to 10 PM
Description: It’s summertime, and you’re a plucky teenager who just wants to raise a ruckus and party on until the next school sessions begin. However, this summer, you just don’t get to. Your parents sent you away to Youthpastor Cody’s Righteous-Awesome XTREEM Revival Camp. Now instead of partying, your only hope is just to survive the weekend with your sanity intact!
Status: Only 1 slot left to be filled!

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