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Initial Gamestorm Schedule Planning

As some of you may know, coming up next March (the 26th through the 29th) is Gamestorm 11, AKA “Portland’s Premier Gaming Convention in Vancouver.” I’ll be there running games, and I believe I’m even getting a special guest badge. Sweet! Anyway, after some initial consideration, I’ve put together the very first tentative schedule of the games I’ll be running:

“[Indie Hurricane] Cannibal Contagion: The Unitologist Gambit”
What: A game of horror, madness, and violent survival. This game is based on the dark futuristic setting of the recent hit video game “Dead Space.” Familiarity with the franchise might be useful, but is not at all necessary, and there will be no spoilers of the events of the actual video game.
When: Friday Evening (6-ish?)

“Fallout: T Minus Ten…”
What: An action-packed romp through the setting of the Fallout games, using the Savage Worlds rules for Fast, Furious Fun.
When: Saturday Afternoon (noon-ish?)

“[Indie Hurricane] Cannibal Contagion: The Jesus Camp Massacre”
What: Your parents sent you away to Youthpastor Cody’s Righteous-Awesome Revival Camp. Now you just have to survive the weekend…
When: Saturday Evening (6-ish?)

“[Indie Hurricane] Classroom Deathmatch”
What: Classroom Deathmatch, by the book.
When: Sunday Evening (6-ish?)

I’ll likely spend most of the rest of the time chilling out at the Indie Hurricane booth, pimping a variety of awesome games to passers-by. Maybe I’ll have some one-buck prints of QUAD and a few ashcans of Cannibal Contagion as well. I’d also be up for facilitating a Cold City game some time if there’s interest, but I don’t plan on scheduling one officially. But who knows – I’m currently starting to read a very much Cold City-inspirational book by Tim Powers, so by the time I’m finished with it I will quite likely be all “OMG I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVAR” and sign up for another slot.

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