Cannibal Contagion Online RP Adaptation

My pal “Zipp Dementia” has adapted the Cannibal Contagion rules to be used for online forum-based roleplaying with a D20. Looks interesting. So far Zipp’s been in on two of our local playtests, and contributed greatly to the ideas and musings that led to the new Draft 5 mechanics of the game.

This looks nifty so far. Thanks for the link, Zipp!


One thought on “Cannibal Contagion Online RP Adaptation

  1. Hey, cool, you linked to my game!

    Actually, having adapted it in this manner has led to some more ideas that I definitely want to present to you at some point. I suppose I could shoot you an email.

    As for the play-review, it’s coming, it’s coming. I don’t really have an excuse for not writing it, not yet. I’ll come up with one shortly.

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