Seeking Ideas for a Hunters vs Zombies Party

I made a post over on the Roleplayers LJ community about a party we’re putting together next weekend. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Have you guys ever run or played one of those Murder Mystery games? Well, what I’m thinking of trying to assemble is a cross between one of those and a LARP.

Next weekend, we’re having a party for my roommate’s birthday, and she’s both a huge RPG fan and a huge Resident Evil fan. The party’s theme is “Zombies vs Zombie Hunters,” and we both want to make something of a micro-LARP out of it. Thing is, I’ve never really assembled such a thing, so I’m looking for some ideas.

What we’re thinking is to have basically two “factions” at the party: the Hunters and the Zombies. We’re thinking of setting it up as a LARP, but we want it to be as rules-light as we possibly can. Something simple that can be easily put together in the span of a week and a half. A major consideration: we will all most likely be very, very drunk. Having hidden caches of items could be fun, and of course we’ll all be in costume.

I’ve re-typed this post four times, but I keep finding it hard to write out what I’m looking for, because the whole thing is kinda vague at the moment. So I guess what I’m looking for are suggestions and ideas for building, assembling, and running a small-party zombies vs hunters drinking game RPG night.

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