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Cannibal Contagion: Playtest Draft #4 is Now Live!

Awright! I’ve just now compiled and uploaded the new fourth draft of the Cannibal Contagion playtest rules. There have been a crapload of updates and revisions. This will be the last major revision for a while, so download it, read it, and let me know how your play goes!

  • Threat Pool now called Adversity pool, so as to no longer cause confusion with Threat scores
  • Bad Guys are now called Threats, and have been made a lot easier to distinguish and employ
  • Added new Allies rules, which function as special Gear
  • Added clarifications to existing Gear and Weapons rules
  • Updated and improved rules on Turning characters and threats
  • Updated the contagion aftermath effects to fit the new Adversity rules.
  • Added a whole mess of new sample NPCs and Threats
  • Implemented new “cold open” narrative structure
  • Added lots and lots of example text
  • Updated CiC and Player sheets to have lots more information and better use of space

As always, the downloads can be found here

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