Unknown Armies: Initial Signs are Good…

Yesterday I met with Nievita and Chris to start up some face-to-face dialog on my ideas for a new game based on the Unknown Armies rules. The basics of the game are that the characters are all connected to each other through some kind of journalistic endeavor, and are soon immersed in a world of twisted conspiracies and “alien” agendas. I’m so far quite pleased with the results.

The first thing we laid down was the nature of this “journalistic endeavor” I was insisting upon. Thanks to a suggestion from Nievita, we quickly and unexpectedly all agreed: the characters are all part of Anonymous. That idea instantly stuck with me, and spawned a plethora of ideas for plots and content.

We’re using the Unknown Armies core mechanics, but not necessarily the cosmology or magick paths. I’m heavily inspired by the old Nightbane game, so there will definitely be themes of “otherworldly alien darkness” in this game. Both of the character concepts presented so far will definitely work with this, but I’ll resist posting them until they’ve been developed a bit further.

Looks like the foundation for something awesome!


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