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Cannibal Contagion: New Playtest Rules Update

Finally, all the updates are live. There’s quite a few, which is why this has taken so long to get out:

  • Added option rule in the Gear section for “inventory slot” mechanics, allowing a simulation of the Survival-Horror game inventory management.
  • The “Threat Pool” and NPC sections of the GM side of the book have been almost entirely re-written, and completely reorganized. NPCs are now purchased with fewer Threat Pool tokens, and enter the game with frequently-higher Threat scores. They’re supposed to be dangerous, and now they are.
  • Expanded section on game themes, and how to effectively incorporate them.
  • More info in both the Player Tips and CiC Tips sections.
  • A bit more detail in the introductory scenario. Still working on that one.
  • A large handful of errata updates, typo fixes, and corrections to outdated information.
  • Added spacers for several future additions, such as Index, character sheets, and a few planned art pieces.
  • A few more sections of example text have been added.
  • Added advice for using player-framed scenes.

The updated rules and sheets can be found here, as usual. Next on the immediate design list is to create some additional helper cards, to assist with management of the optional limited inventory system.

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