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Cannibal Contagion: Playtest Rules Update 8/4/2008

I meant to do this Friday, but only just now found the time to get around to it. The playtest rules have been updated considerably:

  • Added placeholders for four pre-generated example characters
  • Removed the Agsomafa mechanics
  • Updated the Showdown outcomes: now the total play pile = Hurtin’, and faces and aces can be exchanged for Facts and Awesome tokens
  • Added two new Joker-specific power maneuvers to replace the Agsomafa. One mechanic involves an all-or-nothing desperate move, the other allows you a boosted result should you win with a joker.
  • Updated glossary
  • Updated character sheets and accessory cards
  • Removed the Awesome-for-Hurtin’ weapon modifier

The updated rules and sheets can be found here, as usual.

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