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Cannibal Contagion: Agsomafa Reform Continued, Change to Outcome

This morning, a new train of thought regarding the Agsomafa started moving in my brain. This idea involves eliminating it entirely, and replacing it with a more versatile “desperation” mechanic. Instead of a one-shot super-attack, this new idea would introduce two Joker-based mechanics, one geared around the theme of “double or nothing” and the other around “balls to the wall” aggression.

Change #1: Double or Nothing, or “Hail Mary”

The Hail Mary mechanic would allow the player to try for a drastic last-ditch all-or-nothing effort at a crucial time. This would be evoked after a Showdown has been declared, but before any cards have been dealt. The player would blow their entire reserve of Awesome tokens, and start drawing cards from the deck. They keep drawing until either they have drawn an amount = the # of tokens they dumped, or they draw a Joker, or the deck runs out of cards, whichever happens first. If the player happens to draw a joker, then she wins the Showdown with an outcome = the # of cards drawn, including the Joker. If the player does not draw a joker, then the opponent wins with the same outcome (and the player is out all that awesome). Using this mechanic, of course, requires suitable intense narration.

Change #2: Balls to the Wall

This mechanic involves playing a Joker during a Showdown. When played, unless countered by an opponent playing another Joker (canceling both out), the player can immediately burn Awesome tokens to add additional Hurtin’ to the result. The maximum amount of Awesome that the player can spend in this fashion is equal to the number of cards currently in the play pile, Joker included. Like the Hail Mary, this requires suitable narration.

Change #3: Tweaking the Outcome

Now, this all brings me to something else that’s been bugging me, and this time it doesn’t have anything to do with the Agsomafa. I feel the outcome mechanic (Effects, Facts, and Hurtin’) needs to be tweaked just a teeny tiny bit. Here’s what I think I’m gonna change it to, in short form. When you win a Showdown, the number of cards in the final spread (the cards played by all involved contestants) determines the amount of Hurtin’ you can deal. Each Ace or Face can be exchanged for either an additional Fact added to the moment, or a bonus Awesome token. Cards used for Facts or Tokens do not count towards the Hurtin’ total, however.

What are your thoughts?

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