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Cannibal Contagion: New Rules Draft is Live

I just posted a new revision to the Cannibal Contagion playtest rules. This one’s kind of a biggie, and consists of two big changes that were suggested by recent in-house and external playtesting. The first one: I’ve renamed the four core characteristics. Yep, those four silly acronyms were irritating to most people, so they’re gone. The Agsomafa is staying, but that’s it. The new names: Kill, Cool, Grit, and Savvy. The rules and the character sheets have been updated to reflect these changes.

Second, the text has been completely reorganized, with a few sections merged and the table of contents shortened significantly. Things are easier to find, flow more logically, and most of all, the bare bones text is getting organized in preparation for the eventual art that will accompany it.

As always, the downloads can be found here.

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