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Cannibal Contagion Random Character Archetypes

I’ve been updating the character creation system of Cannibal Contagion to fix some issues brought up in some recent playtests. More specifically, I’ve been writing out an optional fully-randomized character creation process, which includes a handful of draw tables. With the draw of a handful of cards, the entire character can be created from scratch. These tables will also serve as examples for folks seeking ideas on their own Flaws, Archetypes, and Agsomafas. I’m posting the current list of 52 archetypes here for comment and discussion. These are pulled entirely from movies, games and comics of the zombie-survival genre.

The Pro Bowler
The Escaped Convict
The Warrior Nun
The Loser Boyfriend
The Fast-Mart Clerk
The Scottish Sailor
The Damsel-in-Distress
The Wise Professor
The Hayseed
The Leet Haxxor
The “OMGWTF” Girl
The Action Photographer
The Prom Queen
The Cheerleader
The Calm Preacher
The Chainsaw Guy
The Jock
The Irritating Kid
“The End is Near” Guy
The Private Dick
The Bloody Waitress
The Crazy Cat Lady
The Bridesmaid
The “But I’m Famous” Guy
The Ass-Kicking Babe
The Zombie Fanboy
The Secret Nerd
The Stupid Hot Chick
The Cab Driver
The Buffy Fangirl
The Damn Doctor
The Heinous Bitch
The Mother
The “Warrior Princess”
The 2nd Amendment Guy
The Psycho Killer
The Arrogant Playboy
The Clueless Gaijin
The Carnie
The Silent Badass
The Cop/Soldier
The Gun Bunny
The Nubile Schoolgirl
The Accidental Tourist
The Screaming Girl
The Suit
The Freak/Weirdo/Goth
The Conspiracy Theorist
The Trucker
The Super Girl
The Village Idiot
The Game Dork

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