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Cannibal Contagion: Big Changes, Mechanical Consolidation

After the last playtest and a lot of deliberation and fiddling over the weekend, I’m making some big changes to the rules, mainly in the form of mechanical consolidation. Essentially, I’m modifying the Infection and Crazy-go-Psycho rules to bring them more directly in line with the rest of the system, so they feel less like modifications and more like integral chunks of the core rules.


  • Psychotriggers are now chosen just like Characteristics, and ranked 4, 3, 2, and 1 at the time of character creation. During game play, they are handled like Characteristics for the purposes of wigging out. I’m considering allowing players to actually call upon them during Showdowns, but for the price of some personal cost. Not sure yet.
  • Infection is also bring brought in line with this rule, turning it into a Characteristic that the CiC tests like any other. Essentially, the “Faster Infection” rules are becoming the standard, instead of the option they were up until now. This will make Infection a whole lot more dangerous, and a lot more involved in the scenarios.
  • Infection and Psychotriggers have now been moved into a new section of the rules, right after the core mechanics section.
  • The “Contagion” is now a part of each Scenario, and must be defined before play. The Contagion has a few variables, and the CiC must determine how it works. Is it a form of Undeath, wherein the character dies and then comes back as a zombie? If so, then it probably causes characteristic loss each scene. Is it a form of madness or psychosis, wherein the character is still alive but technically no longer themselves? If so, then it probably builds up quickly, increasing its Infection score at the end of each scene.

I’ll be updating the downloadable rules at some point today, likely later in the evening.


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